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Game Info

SoulFront is a competitive, squad-based real time strategy game for mobile devices. Strategically customize your squad of three units to best suit your needs. Choose from a selection of characters, all with their own unique gameplay styles. Then, select their weapons, which dictate their skills. Features both single player and mutliplayer modes: play with friends over a local Wi-Fi connection!

The Team

Cody Hard
Lead Designer, Producer
SCAD Atlanta | BFA ITGM, 2013
Cody is a game designer who is incredibly passionate about designing memorable, worthwhile, & enjoyable experiences. He tries to create games in the same way that he plays them: by coming up with intriguing ways to solve & overcome problems, & then learning from the successes & failures of his ideas.

Keren Philosophales
3D Artist, Concept Artist
SCAD Atlanta | BFA ITGM, minor Concept Art for Games, 2013
Keren is an artist in both the 2nd & 3rd dimensions. His imagination is perpetually running wild & he is always imagining in 2D & 3D space! Creating unique characters & environments that tell a story are Keren’s passions, & Keren has a boundless enthusiasm for the things he is passionate about.

Robert Plante
Lead Programmer
SCAD Atlanta | BFA ITGM, minor Visual Effects, 2013
Robert is a tinkerer & a problem solver. His main areas of interest are programming, optimization, effects, & design (& any combination thereupon). He is always learning & researching new things, particularly in the areas of math, science, & design.

Tremaine Robinson
3D Artist, Rigger, Concept Artist
SCAD Atlanta | MFA ITGM, 2013
Howard University | BFA Digital Art
Tre is an aspiring 3D game artist looking to start a new career in the gaming industry. He is from Mitchellville, MD by way of Columbia, SC. His ideal job would be to create characters & assets used in cutting edge games. He has been creating models for several years, both for school projects & as a hobby for himself. Tre’s main skills consist of creating concept art, 3D modeling, & texturing for those models. He is currently becoming more familiar with level design. He also loves doing traditional artwork as well. Tre believes that good traditional art skills are a must. At Howard University, he studied digital art & many foundational skill sets.

Miles Flanagan
Sound Designer, Composer
Berklee College of Music | BM Film Scoring, 2013
Miles is a senior at Berklee College of Music, and has been playing games for as long as he has been playing music. In terms of game music, he loves everything from Darren Korb & Danny B to Jeremy Soule & Jesper Kyd. He also has a deep appreciation for anything that smashes through genres or experiments with weird, new ideas.

Adam Powell
Level Designer
SCAD Atlanta | BFA ITGM, 2012
Adam enjoys competitive play for multiplayer games & has won various tournaments. He also enjoys designing the challenges & space that will be used. His interest in competitive play helps his level design, as he always thinks about balance issues, map objectives, game pacing, & ways to improve the play space.

Miranda Bradley
GA Tech | MSCS
SCAD Atlanta | BFA Animation, 2011
After completing her BFA at SCAD, Miranda worked on various client projects. Through the exploration of her creative process, she discovered a desire to learn about the technical side of things. She is currently pursuing a Master’s in CS, with a desire to focus on computer graphics programming. With her unique artistic background, she’s able to conquer challenging tasks by putting both sides of her brain to work.

David Hixon
SCAD Atlanta | BFA Animation, minor Technical Direction, 2014
GMU | BA Digital Art
David was born in Pasadena, CA, has lived most his life near Washington D.C., & now resides near Atlanta. He is married, has worked for several years as an imaging specialist at the National Geographic Society, & does freelance art & photography on the side.

Raymond McCoy-Sanders
SCAD Atlanta | BFA Animation, 2014
Raymond was raised in Senegal West Africa by his grandparents. Raymond is currently a senior at Savannah College of Arts & Design pursuing a BFA in Computer Animation. It was here that he decided on pursuing a career of being an Animator. Although he has other skills in the field, such as modeling & texturing, animation is his passion. By becoming an animator, he could put himself in the character & act.

Andrew Goh
SCAD Atlanta | BFA Animation, minor Storyboarding, 2015
Born and raised in Singapore, Andrew is a storyboard artist & character animator. He has worked as a media specialist for the Singapore Armed Forces & does freelance for several animation companies from Singapore. He is an avid enthusiast when it comes to storytelling within the communication arts. Outside of his profession, he enjoys watching television & movies with an unbridled passion.

Project Advisor: Tony Tseng